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We at Gauteng Cockroaches Pest Control services 072 679 6455 the Gauteng and surrounding areas of Gauteng offer you a superior pest control service by exterminating all pests with a guarantee. Call us now.


We at Gauteng Fumigation services 072 679 6455 the Gauteng and surrounding areas of Gauteng offer you a superior pest control service by exterminating all pests with a guarantee.
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Our clients in the Gauteng have found that cockroaches have become a major problem to control. Cockroaches normally come out at night to feed while people are sleeping. No matter how clean the houses are in Gauteng cockroaches seem to keep breeding in kitchens, bathrooms and in humid to dry places inside the residence and only feed at night when people are sleeping. Cockroaches in the Gauteng area are known to carry bacteria causing illnesses including contributing towards asthma. The also cause destruction and damage to household appliances with their breeding habits in the Gauteng. Our unique SABS approved products that we use have proven to be successful in the Gauteng area with the result that cockroaches have become completely under control in our client’s residences.

Our clients in the industrial area of Gauteng have reported that cockroaches were the cause of damage to various electronic equipment as they tend to breed inside machinery that causes eventual breakdown of machinery. This was also related to a break in the production line. Cockroaches are difficult to contain or to terminate without the correct treatment however we at Gauteng Pest Control have the superior techniques and materials to exterminate your cockroaches with tremendous ease. Our SABS approved products that we use in the Gauteng area does not only terminate the actual cockroach but also terminate the nest solving the problem.

Our commercial clients in the Gauteng area have reported infestation in the bathrooms, kitchens, cupboards and server rooms of their offices even though the cleaning of the offices was never neglected in any way. We found that cockroaches not only carry bacteria and other diseases but they also tend to nest in warm areas such as personal computers and servers similar other items resulting in damage to such equipment common in Gauteng. Gauteng Pest Control have found that other negative aspects include sickness of staff which could also have an impact on production. With our unique SABS approved products we managed to get the pests under control reducing the risk of illnesses to staff but to also save potential damage to expensive electronic equipment that could lead to interruption of business in Gauteng. Our unique SABS products have a proven track record for effectiveness in resolving cockroach problems in the Gauteng area.

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