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Moodiehill Mice Pest Control | Moodiehill Mice fumigation

Moodiehill Mice Pest Control | Moodiehill Mice fumigation

Moodiehill Mice Pest Control | Moodiehill Mice fumigation

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

John assisted with termites in Moodiehill.


Mice can multiply quickly and Moodiehill in Bryanston have witnessed the damage the creatures can cause in houses and businesses. Mice can damage expensive office appliances and furniture, wiring in vehicles and there are records of house fires caused by mice, chewing through electrical cables.
Moodiehill in Bryanston advise their customers to call in the help of experts in case of a mice infestation as these rodents can cause diseases such as:

  • Tularemia
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
  • Hantavirus
  • Allergies (through droppings)

Mice droppings can also cause food borne illness like salmonella, therefore it is advisable to call in the Moodiehill pest terminating experts in Moodiehill, who will quickly get rid of mice with environmentally-save methods.

How to get rid of mice in Moodiehill. Mice in Moodiehill normally seek dark warm places in the residence where they are safe against human contact. Mice in Moodiehill may chew small holes in wood surfaces such as cupboards or may also nest in ceilings of the residence. Most of the time one won’t even notice a mice infestation in Moodiehill until they move through your residence and become visible when searching for food. Mice could also be carriers of bacteria in Moodiehill and certain deceases so it is important to have your residence safe of such potential carriers. There are no known repellents that can guarantee that your residence will be mice free at all times in Moodiehill and eradication of mice is normally an ongoing process to obtain effective results. Moodiehill Pest Control Fumigation Services recommend bait stations be placed in key areas with ECO friendly bate that is not harmful for the environment, especially to birds. Moodiehill Pest Control Fumigation Services make use of Eco-friendly products to keep the environment safe and clean.


Our clients in the domestic are of Moodiehill we have found that mice are a common pest. Even though the houses in the Moodiehill are clean these mice still manage to find their way seeking warm and dry places to breed and feed. We also found that the Moodiehill area is popular for keeping pets but unfortunately the pet food is also a main attraction for mice. Moodiehill pest Control has the solution to your problem in the sense that our highly effective products are all SABS approved and also pet and human friendly.

Our clients in the industrial area of Moodiehill have found that mice are an ongoing problem in their factories and warehouses causing severe damage to products, stock and equipment not even to mention damage to their buildings which also contributed towards loss in production. We have found that mice find their way into the warehouses and factories in the Moodiehill area attracted by various materials such as refuge bins, boxes, plastics and the like. We had major success in the control of mice in the Moodiehill area with our effective SABS approved products that are also echo friendly.

Our clients in the commercial environment of Moodiehill area have found that mice are a common problem in offices areas. We have found that mice are normally attacked by refuge and food in the kitchen area, they also use ceilings and dry walls in the offices to nest. People such as staff and clients in the Moodiehill area find it appalling when they see mice running around the office environment as it portrays an unhygienic image of the company which could have a negative effect on production and also a negative image by the clients. We have highly effective ways and means to control mice in the Moodiehill area and all products used are SABS human friendly.WhatsApp Moodiehill Mice Pest Control | Moodiehill Mice fumigation

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