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Mill Hill Lice Pest Control | Mill Hill Lice fumigation

Mill Hill Lice Pest Control | Mill Hill Lice fumigation

Mill Hill Lice Pest Control | Mill Hill Lice fumigation

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Robert assisted with termites in Mill Hill.


Mill Hill in Bryanston strongly recommends that you don’t use locally bought pesticides to get rid of lice in your environment because lice extermination is a sensitive process to eliminate the whole cycle of lice from egg to larva to adult and the wrong chemicals can cause harm to pets and humans. Mill Hill pest control technicians in Mill Hill use agricultural approved pesticides that won’t harm the environment and your loved ones. Mill Hill experts in Mill Hill knows all the different kind of lice from the common dog and house louse to mice and horse lice thus they will apply treatment accordingly to the specific kind of lice infestation.

We have found cases in the residential area of Mill Hill to be contaminated with lice. Lice normally climb onto a carrier which is normally household pests such as dogs, cat, birds and pet rodents in Mill Hill. Of these cases in the Mill Hill area we found that lice were carried into the houses by its hosts resulting in these lice to go onto furniture and carpets. Some of our clients in the Mill Hill were bitted by these lice causing skin irritation that lead to more serious illnesses as a result of the bacteria carried by lice. Certain lice common in Mill Hill are also known to damage gardens and if not treated the problem will persist. We had to treat the inside as well as the outside of the residential premises in Mill Hill of our clients with our SABS approved products in order to effectively terminate these pests.

We have had cases in the industrial area of Mill Hill whereby staff was bitten by lice in the factories, warehouses and workshops. Lice common in Mill Hill thrive on human blood which results in disease if not treated. Staff in Mill Hill may suffer severe infections if lice is not terminated and could also result in loss of production where staff book off ill as a result of this. Mill Hill pest Control use products that are highly effective and are SABS approved which is also human friendly.

We have had cases whereby staff was bitten by lice in their offices in the Mill Hill area. Staff could suffer severe illness common to Mill Hill, and could hold employers liable for medical costs as a result of unhygienic working environment. Some os these cases were found successful against employers and no recourse could be taken as a result of continuoussick leave. It is therefore important to treat the problem in your Mill Hill office and we offer our services by the use of SABS approved human friendly products.WhatsApp Mill Hill Lice Pest Control | Mill Hill Lice fumigation

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